These short videos discuss the art of breathing.

It’s been found more and more that faulty breathing is part of back pain and neck pain, and aches and pains in general.

In these videos, osteopath Marianne Jensen covers the different types of breathing; when breathing becomes dysfunctional due to stress, illness and other factors; and how to use breathing as a tool.

We hope you find the videos useful, particularly in this time of stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when stress and anxiety might cause faulty breathing.


Part 1. The different types of breathing:

Part 2. When breathing is dysfunctional:

Part 3. Breathing as a tool:

Yoga Breathing with Lesley Muir

Yoga teacher Lesley Muir has teamed up with Osteopath Marianne Damgaard Jensen as part of the Art of Breathing workshops at the Faringdon Clinic. Lesley has kindly agreed to make this podcast available to clinic patients. This 9 minute audio offers advice on using breathing to relax the mind.

Free Practical Breathing Exercises for Covid-19

Breathing exercises from Patrick McKeown to help during Covid-19. These exercised help to reduce the risk of inhaling airbourne viruses.

Art of Breathing workshops are held at The Faringdon Clinic.