Biomechanics is the science of how bones and muscles enable the body to move. These principles are used by MSK Podiatrists to help improve the alignment and function of the foot and lower limb.

Good alignment helps the body move efficiently, reducing the potential for muscles and joints to become injured.

Podiatry (musculo-skeletal) assesses poor foot posture. For example, over pronation may compromise how efficiently you walk or run. The alignment problem may be very subtle and the foot itself may not be painful, but a slight fault repeated with every step can make daily activities really difficult.

Foot function can be improved very effectively using ‘off the shelf’ or custom made shoe inserts called ‘orthotics’. Orthotics aid the foot to function in a better position. Muscles acting on the foot are then able to strengthen and hopefully provide long term benefit. In some cases orthotics are only needed on a short term basis. If there are very strong forces acting on the foot which are causing the pain, orthotics may be required longer term.

Lower limb injuries

Areas which commonly get sore are heel, arch and big toe joint:

Common sore point of the foot

Poor foot posture can cause too much rotation of the leg and cause symptoms in the knee, hip and back.

Podiatry (musculo-skeletal)

Problems like these and numerous others can benefit greatly from ‘orthotics’.

Orthotics are prescribed shoe inserts to improve foot posture and reduce the forces causing injury. If the foot is in a better position muscles acting on the foot will strengthen rather than strain. So the foot can start to work more efficiently again. Increasing chance of recovery from injury and increasing the chance injury will not reoccur.

Sometimes lower limb injuries can be complex, so having access to lots of different treatment choices from a team of practitioners can be invaluable to get pain under control as quickly as possible and for the best outcome longer term.