New patient consultation£8045 mins-1 hour
Inter-clinic referral£70
Follow up treatment£5520-30 mins


New patient consultation£8045 mins-1 hour
Inter-clinic referral£701 hour
Follow up treatment£5520-30 mins

Podiatry (musculo-skeletal)

New patient consultation£651 hour
Inter-clinic referral£601 hour
Follow up treatment£5530 mins

Podiatry (skin & nail)

Treatment£4430-40 mins
Swift microwave verruca therapy£125


New patient consultation£751-2 hours
Inter-clinic referral£551 hour
Follow up treatment£55About an hour

Sports Massage Therapy

Treatment£551 hour

Aromatherapy Massage Therapy

Treatment£5560 minutes
Treatment£7090 minutes


Treatment£7050 minutes

(Some concessions available on a case by case basis.)

Classes: the timetable for Pilates can be found on the Classes Timetable page.

Online Ergonomic Assessments

Online ergonomic assessment and report£80

Nutritional Counselling

New patient consultation£7050 mins
Inter-clinic referral£6550 mins
Follow up appointments£6050 mins

(Some concessions available on a case by case basis.)


Wax removal (2 ears)£7545 mins
Wax removal (1 ear)£5030 mins
Inter-clinic referral£6545 mins
2nd wax removal, follow up£4530 mins
Initial balance (vestibular) rehabilitation£7560 mins
Follow up balance (vestibular) rehabilitation£5545 mins


New patient consultation£6890 mins
Inter-clinic referral£6090 mins
Follow up appointments£4545 mins
Child: New patient consultation£5090 mins
Child: follow up appointment£3545 mins

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