Rangan Chatterjee is a medical doctor with over 16 years’ experience. He is the star of the BBC One TV series Doctor in the House and the author of The 4 Pillar Plan.

His goal is to enable people to be in control of their own health. He regularly posts podcasts on his website about fitness, exercise, diet, relaxation and many ways to enhance and enjoy your life.

These podcasts from Dr Chatterjee are recommended by The Faringon Clinic.


How to Manage Anxiety in a Global Pandemic

This podcast was made specially for the Covid-19 pandemic and is an interview tith Dr Judson Brewer. It’s to help people cope with the stress of the Coronavirus, and also with the stress of isolation caused by the lockdown.


How Breathing Through Your Nose Will Change Your Life

This podcast is an interview with Patrick McKeown. He believes that breathing correctly (through your nose rather than through your mouth), and breathing lightly and slowly can improve your health and fitness and overall wellbeing.

Is There Anything Better Than Movement For Transforming The Way That You Feel

Dr Chatterjee talks about how we all know that moving our body each day is crucial for our health and our wellbeing – it gives us more energy, better creativity, improves our sleep quality and so much more.