Please find details for all of our classes below. Because of covid-19 many of the classes are online, but we are now offering some classes again at the clinic.

Yoga Timetable

Classes are held online via Zoom.

Monday: 10.30am, 1 hour (general class)
Thursday: 9am, 1 hour (general class)
Yoga instructor: Alice George
Enquiries and payment:
More about: yoga classes

1 Class Per Week

£30for 4 weeks
  • (£7.50 per class)

2 Classes Per Week

£48for 4 weeks
  • (£12 per week)

Modified Pilates Timetable

5 Sessions

£7per session

Older Adults Seated and Standing Exercise Class Timetable

5 Sessions

£60for 5 sessions
  • (£12 per session)

Pilates Timetable

Classes are held online via Zoom and in person on Friday afternoons.

To join classes and to book 1:1 or 2:1 sessions, please contact Marcus Adey directly for further information: 07811 091974 (or use his email address below).

Monday: 9-10am (online)
Tuesday: 5-6pm (online)
Wednesday: 9-10am (online)
Thursday: 5-6pm (online)
Friday: 9-10am (online) and from 1-3pm (available hourly at the clinic)
Pilates instructor: Marcus Adey
Enquiries and payment to Marcus Adey:
Mobile: 07811 091974
More about: Pilates

1 Class Per Week

£30per month
  • Online Zoom Classes

2 Classes Per Week

£50per month
  • Online Zoom Classes

Pilates Mat Timetable

Classes available from 10th June 2022 at The Faringdon Clinic.

To book classes, please contact Pam Banfield-Coombs directly for further information:

Fridays: 1pm
Pilates instructor:
Pam Banfield-Coombs
Enquiries to Pam Banfield-Cooombs:
Mobile: 07794 294668
More about: Pilates

6 Mat Lessons

£90for 6 lessons
  • £15 per lesson
  • 6 lessons (4-person classes)

One-to-one Lessons

£55per lesson
  • for a block booking (total £330)
  • £60 for individual bookings