Are you okay?

One month into 2021 and I sense we are all trying to put on a brave face, but behind the scenes some of us may be feeling differently.

In the last year there has been a shift towards a greater focus on our mental health as well as our physical fitness and general wellbeing.

A greater value is being put on various professional wellbeing services, delivered virtually and in person where protocols allow.

Personally I have seen more people asking for coaching during the pandemic, with a greater interest in more personalized options. The use of technology has made access to trainers easier. Online consultations in our homes mean we are able to fit in workouts around our lives where previously we had to travel to a class or gym. Many lives have been improved by simply being able to consult with your doctor, nutritional advisor, personal trainer or osteopath online.

The importance of the physical and mental stress release that comes with exercising is undisputed. It’s just as important now – with so many of us are working from home it can be harder to leave work behind at the end of the day. An online personal training session can help us transition into the evening with a few extra endorphins!

Even as our clients and patients see the benefits of switching to online there is still a need to meet face to face, even wearing masks.

In a clinical, COVID compliant, environment like that in The Faringdon Clinic, physical contact can improve our state of mind, reduce stress, fix our physical problems and, as a recent study has shown, massage can boost our immunity. Face to face consultations can also be a chance for our clients to talk about their concerns and feelings, which can be especially supportive when we’re in lockdown and sometimes not able to meet anyone.

My clients have seen the value in being able to access our team of local osteopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, Yoga and Pilates instructors and other medical professionals. We work together as a team to find the most appropriate therapies for each individual.

Social media can still be a great support network. I have experienced more engagement than ever with people messaging me their food diaries and meal photographs as well as fitness questions, updates on daily step counts and recipes.

There is a lot of local support out there and I have been so impressed as to the lengths people have gone to supplying masks, transport, food and keeping contact with those shielding and finding time to talk to those simply in need of a chat.

Well done everyone! Keep communicating, better days are on their way.


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