‘Peace and Love’

P: Protect

Protect – avoid activities causing acute pain in the first few days after injury.

E: Elevate

Elevate the injured limb to encourage drainage and avoid fluid ‘compaction’.

A: Avoid anti-inflammatory medication

Avoid anti-inflammatories and ice – depress healing (some exceptions).

C: Compression

Gently compress (e.g. crepe bandage) to manage swelling – don’t stop flow!

E: Education

Listen to your body, move gently to stimulate healing but don’t force!


L: Load

Load the area gradually to help return to normal activities.

O: Optimism

Condition your brain with positive goals that are realistic.

V: Vascularisation

Continue any aerobic activities that you can do without causing pain.

E: Exercise

Adopt an active approach to recovery to regain mobility, balance & strength.


Listen to your body it is capable of healing itself, but you may need some help to regain full strength and mobility and balance – please see a qualified healthcare practitioner if needed.

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Adapted from: Dubois B & Esculier J (2020) Soft-tissue injuries simply need PEACE & LOVE British Journal of Sports Medicine 54:72-73