What is the Lower Limb Rehab Group about?

This is an exercise-based class aimed at helping you to improve your lower limb function, mobility, strength, and balance. The sessions run in 6-week blocks with the aim of progressing the levels of the exercises each week.

Who is the class suitable for?

  • People recovering from lower-limb injuries or conditions.
  • People preparing for surgery who want to build up their strength and function to get into best possible shape ahead of surgery.
  • People recovering from many different types of lower-limb surgery.
  • People who have not necessarily suffered an injury but who want to build up their activity levels, function, or confidence within the safety of a physiotherapy-led rehab class.

What will happen before I attend the class?

Prior to attending the rehab class, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire asking about your rehab needs, any significant medical history, and your surgical history/plans.

This allows us to ensure that the class suitable for you and helps us design the class to ensure you meet your goals.

How many people attend the class?

The class will be capped at 5 members per week. We find this is the best number to ensure we get chance to work with everybody during the session but is a big enough group to keep it social and fun.

How much does the class cost?

A 6-week block of Lower Limb Rehab Sessions costs £90 (£15 per class) and are pre-booked over 6 consecutive weeks.

What happens between sessions?

In addition to attending the class, you may be provided with a few additional exercises to continue to work on during the week. These additional exercises will assist you into reaching your rehab goals more effectively.

Where and when is the class running?

The Faringdon Clinic: Wednesday Evening, 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Ready to join the Lower Limb Rehab Group?

Ask at the desk to book your place on the next lower limb rehab group or if you need further info or have any questions, please contact the clinic, or email any questions to .