August 2022

The cleaning procedures at The Faringdon Clinic have been made to take into account the national cleaning policy and National Infection Control Guidelines.

The clinic is regularly cleared of any unnecessary items and clutter. Wall units have been installed in the Exercise Room to help with storage. Surfaces are wipeable and any other materials used are washed regularly.

We ask every person to wash their hands before entering the clinic. This is preferable to alcohol gels, which are also available, however, overuse of alcohol/antiseptics tends to dry out hands and have the potential to increase the risk of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. Soapy water mixture is used routinely for cleaning surfaces. Antiseptic wipes or a bleach mixture is used for cleaning the toilets and other areas as required and in accordance with guidelines. Wipes are disposed of in the pedal bins.

The reception areas: These are cleaned daily or more if required. This also includes the downstairs toilet. The member of staff finishing their shift will be responsible for leaving the common areas clean. The reception areas and toilets are well ventilated during opening times.

Therapy rooms: Couches and other surfaces that pose infection risks are cleaned between each patient/client. Door handles, treatment couch, chair, desk and any equipment used or surfaces touched during a treatment session will be cleaned after each clinic session. Floors are also cleaned after each clinic session. Each practitioner will ventilate the treatment rooms regularly.

A cleaning procedure checklist is provided in each room.