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Pilates is a 'mind-body' form of exercise designed to re-balance the body. Pilates focuses on starting all exercises from a central core of stability. From this central core pilates works by adjusting the intensity of the exercise and the resistance.

Abnormal patterns of movement can be altered by focusing on breath control and precision of movement.

The pilates technique is taught either through mat exercises or the use of simple equipment. Mat work exercises are designed to promote core stability, flexibility, endurance, postural and body awareness

Tai Chi


Today, tai chi is one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body, not only in China, but around the world. Tai chi helps people to relax and feel better. Everything improves when you are more relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi is essential for health and vitality. Tai Chi for Health programs are designed to enhance qi. Thus, practice of the forms not only improve the specific condition each program addresses, but also benefits almost all aspects of health.

Additionally, tai chi practice helps to relieve pain and reduce stress This is accomplished in various ways. First, Increasing muscular strength helps to protect the joints, thereby reducing pain. Second, improved flexibility allows for better blood and joint fluid circulation, which also leads to less pain. Third, tai chi is a mind body exercise, which improves the serenity and relaxation of the mind and thus reduces pain and stress. As a result, those who practice tai chi often experience less depression and enhanced immunity.



Yoga is a holistic approach to health and you will soon begin to feel the benefits of improved health, and more importantly a relaxed state of mind.

The Asanas, or postures, work through every part of the body both externally and internally. Yoga stretches and tones muscles, joints and the spine whilst working on the internal organs, glands and nerves. Learn the art of yogic breathing by really using the lungs to increase oxygen uptake.

Releasing physical tension liberates vast sources of energy. Releasing tension in the muscles rests the whole system leaving you as refreshed as after a good night's sleep.

Over 60's exercise


This is a seated or standing class aimed at people aged 65+, people who do not generally exercise, who may be recovering from illness, injury or surgery, or people who have lost confidence in exercising. It is also suitable for people who have other co-existing health problems.

The aims of the class are to help improve and / or maintain: mobility & flexibility, strength & stamina, balance, confidence with movement & exercise, posture, relaxation, breathing control, promote physical activity in older people, and falls prevention.

Yoga and the Art of Effective Breathing Workshops 2019 Series


Research has shown that yoga can slow down your heartrate, reduce anxiety and improve your mood. Breath is central to yoga.

Yoga teacher Lesley Muir has got together with Marianne Bennison, osteopath at The Faringdon Clinic, to run workshops on how to use yoga to improve the quality of your breathing.

Each workshop consists of a short introduction to the anatomy and physiology of effective breathing and a longer practical yoga session.

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